India Houseboats

We should agree that all of us feel happy and comfort in the lap of nature rather than in cities.With full of rush and dust our hectic day to day life gives us nothing but stress.To be alive our body needs food like all other animals.No other animal on this green planet needs nourishment for its mind save man for he has got a body as well as a mind.Roming about the valleys,lake,shores...... is the vital factor to keep our mind alive.In the heart of hearts cach human being longs for peace which our mother nature can provide.We all know Mr.Sherleck Holmes,one of the greatest represeatative of logic and reason,at last , went to a village where no noise of the busy world could reach.For example when we sail across fresh waterlakes,rivers in tropical India.We would feel ourselves in a heavenly situvation like we said a feast for our poor mind.

A poet says,
When I myself find in the darkness of the city Oh! My lake,the blessing still consoled my tears. And that is it.

Since time immemmoral we, in India , have been in a friendship with fresh water lakes,rivers,streams,ponds.........................

Magical presentation of the tropic where rain is not at all rare and the sun with youthfullness.

Have you ever been in a boat in our tropical India.Ofcourse we have a beautiful fresh water lake in Kashmir and you will find such water bodies more abundantly in Kerala,that is to say especially in Alappuzha. This statement may come across as boasting.There is nothing to boast in it and it is as simple as that.

Incredible feelings,as it says, happen once in a bluemoon but that are very common in our Alappuzha,in Kerala in I ndia.We humbly invite you to have a little fun in our Alappuha.

To accomplish our marvellous life we build boats with almost all facilities in our home,we call it houseboat Alappuzha.Honeybees collect nector by wandering,sure, on which the land where flowers are abundant.Similarly we , in Alappuzha,sample about lake ,shores,coconut lagoons........................

As we said, in India,boats can be seen about 8500 feets msl, However in Alappuzha the houseboats moves,they sail towards the genuine beauty of ‘kuttanad ‘ in Alappuzha.And serve you whenever you need it.

As it is confirmed the healing ability of water is unique, in a moving houseboat in Alappuha.You will discover what is meant by human life.Whenever you are in Alappuzha,we , Nature vision an organisation which supplies quality tour packages for the whole world , invites you with your friends and family to .The sunset in a deep Alappuzha village,you see it sets while the time you look it got disappeared itself.

The breeze,sometimes,looks ferocious can attain a speed of about 20 – 30 kms/hr will never bother you being in an Alappuzha houseboat fantacies and heaven is not far but so close.

The definite article is being used in english literature is given just to celebrate.In such A manner the dusk in an Alappuzha village is no more a myth but hopeful reality.Come to Alappuzha you will be vanished into then air with the aid od our wet land.

One of the main features of Alappuzha boat house is its ability to move and it moves across the water bodies of Alappuzha.

As you know man is the only creature who thinks and enjoy.If you really mean a holiday tour package it is absolutely a perfect destination where you willfind nothing but quite natural beauty.

So it is truly a plce where you will wash out your sweat and tears.

With full of hospitality and simplicity the folk here in Alappuzha is always ready to welcome and serve you.And we should be grateful to you as you are here to be with ripples of our Alappuzha backwaters.